Top-Rated Classes and Workshops in Fort Lauderdale

Whether you are one of Fort Lauderdale’s residents or you are just visiting this wonderful place to spend a fun family weekend here,  there are plenty of options you can research in order to find entertainment. Since Fort Lauderdale offers many possibilities, you can choose from some of the most prominent classes and workshops in Fort Lauderdale. This is an excellent way to spend your free time, learn something new and evoke the creativity that sleeps in you.

We advise you to read through this article, get an insight into what Fort Lauderdale has to offer, and then choose a class or workshop that you feel called to do. Trust your intuition on this. When you read about the workshop that is right for you, you will feel excitement and eagerness. Don’t let that feeling slip away. If you feel it, nothing else should be the issue. Money and time aren’t going to be a problem if this is what your heart truly desires. Therefore, let’s see what some of the options are.


Holy Cross Health Welcomes New Mission Leader

Fort Lauderdale, Florida  – Holy Cross Health in Fort Lauderdale has named Mary Carter Waren, D.Min. as the new Mission Leader responsible for the non-profit hospital’s Mission Integration Essential Services (Ethics, Formation, Mission Leadership, Spiritual Care, and Well-Being of the Ministry Community) and for Mission Integration Fort Lauderdale Community of Service.


Altis Cardinal Breaks Ground on The Adderly Apartment Development in Fort Lauderdale

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fl – Coral Gables-based real estate firm Altis Cardinal, led by Frank Guerra and Alberto J. Suarez, yesterday hosted a groundbreaking ceremony to commence its newest project, The Adderley, an apartment development located in Fort Lauderdale’s Progresso Village neighborhood. The event took place at The Adderley’s future address: 501 NW 7th Ave.


Broward County Film Summit Casts Broward as Film Friendly in Florida

BROWARD COUNTY, FL- With a new Film Commission, named Film Lauderdale, Broward County has become a film-friendly community, with new incentives to attract the lucrative film and television industry.  The priority is to create high paying jobs, bring in new sources of revenue for businesses big and small, and brand Broward County nationwide.  That's the takeaway from the Broward County Film Summit held today. 

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