Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale: Our Vision 2035

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The year 2011 marked the celebration of Fort Lauderdale’s Centennial. The historic milestone offered us an opportunity to observe and honor our City’s past. It was a time when neighbors young and old could reflect upon how Fort Lauderdale began, recognize the challenges we had overcome, and appreciate the accomplishments we had achieved.

Now, in 2013, it is time to look ahead. It is time to prepare for our coming challenges and to anticipate the many opportunities that still await us. It is time to Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale!

To thoughtfully chart a course for our future, the City has developed a Vision Plan, the heart of which is our 2035 Vision Statement. Our Vision Statement is an inspirational view of the future and what our community wants to become. It is a fusion of the collective values and aspirations that have been expressed by a diverse cross-section of our neighbors over the past two-and-a-half years through the citywide Visioning initiative. The outreach effort that took place was extensive, collecting 1,562 unique ideasPDF File from our highly active and invested community. It became apparent early on that we are a forward-looking community that is strongly invested in the progressive future and developing legacy of our City.

Our Vision will become our City’s greatest strength by allowing us to peer into the future and lend shape to the unknown. Together, through the Vision, we have been able to plan for the future of our City with imagination and thoughtful wisdom. Today, we lay the foundation for what Fort Lauderdale will look like in 2035. What will our streets look like? How will our neighbors move around? Where will they live? Where will they work? How will they be educated? What will they do for recreation and amusement? These questions and many more are addressed throughout the Vision Plan.

We invite you to journey with us to the Fort Lauderdale of 2035, as envisioned by you, our neighbors.

Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale!

Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale: Our Vision 2035

We are pleased to announce that the City Commission has voted unanimously to adopt the citywide vision planPDF File, Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale. We invite you to read the plan and look forward to working with all of our partners to implement it and bring the hopes and aspirations of our community to fruition.

Last modified onMay 15, 2014


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