So You Think You Know FORT LAUDERDALE HISTORY? The Quiz: Part 2

Robert-A.-Dressler-President-Emeritus-The-Fort-Lauderdale-ForumRobert A. Dressler President Emeritus The Fort Lauderdale ForumBack by popular demand, Part 2 of our Fort Lauderdale History Quiz may well surprise you. This issue's quiz will focus on a variety of organizations and people who have had an impact on our community, for better or worse.

Community Builders

  1. What 70+ year old volunteer organization founded community institutions such as The Museum of Art, the Discovery Center, Kids in Distress and the Henderson Behavior Health?
  2. What group has been organizing the Easter Sunrise Service on Fort Lauderdale Beach for 80 years?
  3. What group, founded in 1959 to support the Museum of Art, organized the Promenade de Paris on Las Olas, a predecessor to the Las Olas Art Festival?
  4. What WW2 war bride from Tunisia became the social doyenne of Fort Lauderdale, covering cultural, social and civic life for the Fort Lauderdale News, starting in 1954 and also founded the original Fort Lauderdale Magazine?
  5. What Catholic priest overcame local opposition of establish a Covenant House shelter for runaways on the beach in the early 1980s?
  6. What attorney was the moving force behind the Museum of Art?
  7. What liquor-store owner was the moving force behind the Performing Arts Center?
  8. What civic activist founded the Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Organizations?

    Celebrities and Sports

  9. What advertising/PR executive who moved here in 1960 brought many of his celebrity friends to Fort Lauderdale, including Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Billie Jean King, and Jayne Mansfield and also wrote the book: " Fort Lauderdale: Playground of the Stars"?
  10. What glamorous club, owned by John Y. Brown (founder of KFC) in the '60s and early '70s, hosted such celebrities as Johnny Carson, Liza Minelli and Clint Eastwood?
  11. Name the bars and/or restaurants formerly owned by the following:
    a) Joe Namath; b) Burt Reynold
  12. Who was Fort Lauderdale's first great athletic star, a champion swimmer who was named "champion woman athlete of the year" in 1937?
  13. What was the City's first pro soccer team? When did they start and where did
    they play?
  14. What years did the New York Yankees have spring training at Lockhart Stadium?

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Last modified onMay 15, 2014
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