Driven to Give: Ryan and Beccy Hunter-Reay’s Race Against Cancer

The Indy 500 champion has had plenty of success on the track, but now he and wife Beccy are translating their passion for racing into promoting cancer prevention and awareness.

Racing hasn’t always been simple for IndyCar driver Ryan Hunter-Reay. Though it’s easy to look at the defending Indy 500 champion now and say he makes it look simple, there was a time when he was struggling just to find a team and keep racing. But a strong will and perseverance guided him to the peak of his profession. That drive was a major factor in helping him and his wife Beccy—a former off-road racing driver, Champ Car World Series pit reporter and sister of legendary racer Robby Gordon—face a personal tragedy when Ryan’s mother, Lydia, lost her year-long battle with colon cancer in 2009.


Farm to In South Florida

Anyone who has rushed fresh cobs of sweet corn from the field to their grill, or inhaled the intoxicating aroma of a newly picked strawberry knows that seeking out locally grown foods can be extremely rewarding. But eating local has other positives as well: It supports the community’s economy, helps the environment and, as many experts would agree, is often the healthier choice.


Neuromuscular Therapy: An Effective treatment for Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatica is usually caused by disc herniation in the lower lumbar region and it is generally due to injury of the lower back. The symptoms of sciatic nerve pain can range from mild and acute to debilitating and chronic. The most important step to alleviating this type of pain, in either case, is immediate treatment. It has been reported that more than 80% of the U.S. population suffers from lower back pain at one point during their lifetime and more than 3 million ER visits in the U.S. alone are related to it each year.

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