7 Dental Myths Everyone Should Know

Having healthy teeth that do what they are supposed to is something we take for granted, at least until a problem arises and often stops us in our tracks. The dental field is one that is filled with many myths, leaving people to wonder how they should best go about taking care of their teeth to help them last a lifetime and keep them looking and feeling great. Knowing the most common dental myths and truths is one way to get a head start in keeping teeth healthy.

“There is a lot of misinformation out there that can be harmful to your teeth if you don’t know any better,” explains Dr. Bruno Sharp, a fourth-generation dentist who created a line of products called Dr. Sharp Dentistry, and is celebrating his 10th year as a Natural Oral Care provider. “Once you know these myths you will be able to steer yourself clear and remain on a path of having healthy oral care. It’s just that simple.”

Here are 7 of the most common dental myths everyone should know:

  1. You need fluoride. Many in the dental field will try and push fluoride on patients, including through treatments and oral care products. However, there are health risks associated with fluoride, making avoiding it the best choice. Opt for oral care products that are fluoride-free for a healthier routine.
  2. Sugar causes cavities. Many people believe that eating sugar is what causes cavities, when really it is a combination of sugar, acid, and bacteria. Many foods can create cavities when teeth are not being properly cleaned. Think beyond candy when it comes to what is causing cavities.
  3. Silver fillings are safe. Although they are still available in dentists’ offices today, many people are opting to have them replaced with a safer material after years of having them. The silver contains mercury, which can pose health hazards.
  4. Flossing isn’t a must. Most people feel that flossing isn’t all that important, that they can do it here and there and not worry much about it. The truth, according to the National Institutes of Health, is that people should floss daily to help remove plaque from between their teeth.
  5. Oral care doesn’t impact body health. Having unhealthy teeth and gums can increase risks for certain diseases. According to the National Institute of Dental and Cranofacial Research, there may be possible associations between oral infections, particularly periodontal disease, and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and adverse pregnancy outcomes.
  6. Natural toothpaste isn’t as good. Many people feel that they need chemical-laden toothpaste in order to get a good clean. That’s simply not true. Natural toothpastes not only provide a great clean, but they are also devoid of the harmful ingredients found in other toothpastes.
  7. Children need dental sealants. Many dental offices today try to seal children’s teeth by offering them dental sealants. The problem with this picture is that the sealants are plastic, so they are putting a plastic coating over their child’s teeth and the plastic contains BPA, which has been linked to health concerns.

“Good oral hygiene habits are essential in order to have healthy teeth,” added Dr. Sharp. “Separate the myths from the facts so that you can help your family have a healthy way to take care of teeth and gums. The more natural you can keep it, avoiding the chemicals, the better off everyone will be.”

When it comes to avoiding oral care ingredients that can be harmful to health, aim to avoid fluoride, artificial colors and flavors, and products that come in bottles and tubes that may contain BPA. Additional harmful ingredients parents should read the label for to avoid include parabens, alcohol, triclosan, DEA, gluten, sodium lauryl sulfate, and products that contain GMOs. It’s also a good idea for parents to look for those products that are cruelty-free, so they don’t contain animal products or involve animal testing.

Dr. Sharp created a line of oral hygiene products to give people a healthier alternative. His product line includes children’s toothpaste, adult toothpaste, fresh mint mouthwash, and dental tape. All products are safe to use, made in the USA, and are gluten-free, have no artificial colors or flavors, are vegan, non-GMO, alcohol-free, fluoride-free, and cruelty-free. Plus, they help whiten teeth and have xylitol, which is a natural sweetener that also helps to fight off cavities. The products are safe for the entire family. To learn more about Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care products or see where they can be purchased, visit the site at:


About Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care

Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care is a line of natural oral care products that were created by Dr. Bruno Sharp, a fourth-generation dentist. All products are made from natural, safe ingredients, and are made in the USA. The product line includes toothpaste for children and adults, mouthwash, and dental tape. For more information, visit the site at: Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @drsharpnaturaloralcare. For more information about Dr. Bruno Sharp and his dental practice visit

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