New Book Offers Insider Tips and Tricks to Help Frequent Travelers Stay Healthy and Happy

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Americans make more than 405 million long-distance trips per year. This means that millions of people are often away from their routine, including making their diet and exercise a priority. The good news is there are things that one can do to stay healthy, even while doing a lot of traveling.

“If you don’t take measures to say healthy and balanced while being a frequent traveler it can really take its toll on you,” explains Jayne McAllister, of Jayne McAllister Travel Wellness. “It’s important to learn how to navigate the traveler’s landscape so that you continue to feel great and can keep up with all of the demands.”

McAlister shares her insider tips and tricks for doing just that in her new book, titled

“Mile High & Healthy: The Frequent Traveler’s Roadmap to Eating, Energy, Exercise and a Balanced Life.” Published by Story Farm, the book’s official launch date is December 8, 2015. The book offers useful tips, information, and solutions that will help frequent travelers, focusing on such issues as:

  • How to eat healthily on the road, from airport food courts to restaurants to business meals.

  • The best kind of exercises for the frequent traveler and how to squeeze in a workout even when you think there isn’t enough time.

  • How to sustain energy levels, ditching spikes and lulls, and last all day without caffeine and sugar crutches.

  • How to eliminate jet lag without gimmicks, supplements or gadgets, and how to improve sleep quality.

  • How to avoid illness when traveling, from stomach upsets to barotrauma to deep vein thrombosis.

  • How to get a good night’s sleep on the road.

  • How to learn to choose how you react to stressful situations so you maintain control at all times.

  • How to carve out time for yourself in an impossible schedule.

“Even if someone only chooses to use one or two of these tips for their frequent travel, they will be making a huge difference in their life,” adds McAllister. “The book is also releasing at a great time, making it a perfect gift for the frequent traveler in your home, life, and office.”

McAllister provides corporate wellness programs to those companies with business travelers who spend 30 percent of their time, or more, on the road. She specializes in such training issues as weight loss for travelers, healthy eating while traveling, ergonomics for the traveler, functional exercise, jet lag recovery and avoidance, sleep quality, and stress management. She has also created Dine Out Lose Weight, a 21-day guide for dropping weight without setting foot in the kitchen. The book is available for purchase online. For more information on her services or to order the book, visit the site at:

About Jayne McAllister Travel Wellness
Based in Vero Beach, Fla., Jayne McAllister Travel Wellness is a company that provides corporate wellness training to businesses with mobile workforces. A Cambridge University graduate, Jayne is a certified integrative nutrition health coach, Pilates instructor, and transformational method coach. For more information visit the site at:

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