Fort Lauderdale Update on City Operations for Hurricane Irma

Mandatory Evacuation

Broward County has ordered a mandatory evacuation for neighbors east of Federal Highway. Neighbors in mobile home communities are encouraged to evacuate. If you are located in a mandatory evacuation zone and do not evacuate, there is no guarantee that first responders will be able to reach you.

A Hurricane Watch is in effect for Broward County, a Hurricane Watch means sustained winds of 64 knots (74 mph or 119 km/hr) or higher are possible within 48 hours.

A Storm Surge Watch is also in effect for Broward County, a storm surge means that there is a possibility of life-threatening inundation from rising water moving inland from the shoreline, generally within 48 hours.

Fort Lauderdale Beach is Closed
Fort Lauderdale Beach is closed and is not being protected by lifeguards.  Neighbors are advised to stay safe and stay off the beach and out of the water, anyone who chooses to swim will do so at their own risk.

Shelter Information
Shelters in Broward County are now open. There are two shelters open in Fort Lauderdale:

Rock Island Elementary 
2350 NW 19th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Fort Lauderdale Atlantic Technical (Arthur Ashe)
1701 NW 23rd Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Click here for a list of additional open shelters in Broward County.

Vulnerable residents and those with special needs who will require sheltering should call 3-1-1.

Shelters are a refuge of last resort and provide only very basic services. The first, best place to shelter is with family or friends outside the evacuation zone. If you do plan on going to a shelter, bring everything you need to be comfortable including bedding, snacks, etc.

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